We've been manufacturing domed labels for over 10 years.  During that time the technology has changed, but our commitment to bringing our customers the best and most up to date products hasn't.




Ten years ago the best we had was an epoxy resin vinyl printed with pigment inks.  The product was then dye cut.  The hard epoxy wouldn't curve around objects and would yellow over time.




Today we have a selection of polyurethane domeing materials that are matched to the job being done.  The new materials will not yellow over time, and can curve to fit irregular surfaces.


Our printing is second to none.  Our 8 color printer allows us to offer 512 brilliant metallic colors, in addition to white ink, which is useful for printing on clear substrates.


You now have a choice of a solid color label, or clear.  The metallic inks can make the label look as though it's printed on metal.


Our labels are now cut digitally, which allows you to have alomost any shape and size with no die charges or setup costs.


It doesn't matter if your needs require and adhesive or not, clear material or not, hard label or soft and flexible, we have the capabilities and experience to make your order exceed your expectations.


When new advances come, we will be there to bring them to you.


We have no minimums, so whether you need 1 label or 1 million, we can do it.


We have no setup charges, how many times have you heard that?


We have a lot more than domed labels now.  We are the value leaders in all types of vinyl, static cling, and security labels.  Compare our prices and quality and see for yourself.

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